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Breach gnome
A breachgnome is a mighty gnome who is skilled in fighting in cramped conditions. A high-level breachgnome in the right position can hold off a superior force for as long as his strength holds out. Such gnomes are trained to fight alone, and they excel at doing so.

Most breachgnomes are fighters, rangers, paladins, or barbarians - combatants who are well-suited to the demands of the position and can benefit most from the capabilities of the class. Rogues and bards sometimes take this class, but both they and sorcerers, wizards, and druids are normally better off avoiding hand-to-hand combat, so it is rare.

Breachgnomes sometimes work in small units, prepared to block off a number of different passages so that their fellows can either get into a better position or even escape. They are almost exclusively found in gnome villages or towns. Sometimes Breachgnomes can be found wandering along, searching for fellow gnomes in need of his unique skills.

Requirements Edit

Race: Gnome

Alignment: Any non-chaotic

BAB: +4

Skills: Spot 5, Listen 5 ranks

Feats: Dodge, Improved Initiative, Lightning Reflexes

Class Features Edit

- Hit Die: d10

- Base Attack Bonus: High

- High Saves: Reflex

- Weapon Proficiencies: Breach Gnomes are proficient with all simple and martial weapons.

- Armor Proficiencies: Breach Gnomes are proficient with all types of armor and shields.

- Skill Points: 2 + Int Modifier.

- Class Skills: Bluf, Concentration, Craft Weapon, Hide, Listen, Spot.

- Spells per Day/Spells Known: This class offers no spell progression.

- Class Feats
1: Seal the breach (AC)
2: Uncanny Dodge
3: Bonus Feat
4: Seal the breach (Dexterity)
5: Seal the breach (AB)

- Bonus Feats: Two Weapon Fighting, Improved Two Weapon Fighting, Blind Fight, Combat Expertise, Improved Combat Expertise, Improved Critical, Disarm, Improved Disarm, Knockdown, Improved Knockdown.

Abilities Edit

Seal the Breach
Type of Feat: Class
Prerequisites: Breach Gnome 1
Specifics: When fighting with unwalkable terrain on his flank the Breach Gnome excels. At 1st level he gains a dodge AC bonus of + 2, at 4th level he gains a dexterity bonus of +2 and at 5fth level he gains a AB bonus of +2. The bonuses apply for as long as the Breach Gnome occupies the breach. The bonuses are doubled if the Breach Gnome is fighting in a position flanked on both sides by unwalkable terrain.
Use: Selected

Uncanny Dodge
Type of Feat: Class
Prerequisites: Breach Gnome 2
Specifics: The Breach Gnome gains uncanny dodge at level 2, irregardless of meeting the requirements.
Use: Automatic

Class courtesy of Rasael, thorough testing by the Quality Control Team. Implementation on the server by Luna.