Brown Bear Hides

The location of the quest giver, Kaydi in Baldur's Gate East Gate District. She may wander around her stall.


Location: Baldur's Gate East Gate District

Quest giver: Kaydi

Kaydi may wander around her stall. No experience is given, only 30 gold per each brown bear hide. Dire bears and anything else do not count. The bears are located outside the gate, walking through BG Farmlands East and to the Trade Way, over the large bridge.


Kaydi: Step right up! Care to buy yourself a custom made rug of fine bear fur?

You: I was wondering if you knew of any work available?

Kaydi: Why certainly. I am always looking for bear pelts, to turn into these spectacular rugs you see before you. *He waves his arms at his wares, attempting to entice you once more*

You: Bears are very dangerous, how much are you asking for, per pelt?

Kaydi: *He nods at your comment* They are very dangerous, you are right. I’ll give you thirty gold coins per pelt you bring me.

You: We have a deal.

Journal Entry: You will get payed 30 gold for each brown bear hide you turn in. Return them to Kaydi in Baldurs Gate.


30 gold per each brown bear hide. No experience.