These feats are custom to Baldurs Gate: The Sword Coast Chronicles. They were implemented based on their Pencil and Paper incarnations and the work Obsidian had initially done to include them in NWN2.

This is a free feat since it is a base action, any character will receive it for free at level 1!

Type of Feat: General
Prerequisites: None
Specifics: Charging is a special full-round action that allows you to move up to twice your speed and attack during the action. However, it carries tight restrictions on how you can move. After moving, you may make a single melee attack. You get a +2 bonus on the attack roll and take a –2 penalty to your AC until the start of the next round. During your charge you are very vulnerable to weapons with piercing damage such as spears but also ranged projectiles. Regardless of your normal base attack bonus you can only make one attack at the end of your charge.
[User note: Shield Bashing is always considered a free attack and does not impede or replace the attack of your main hand weapon during a charge. Similarly, a monk using flurry will receive more than one attacks while charging.]
Use: Selected

Powerful Charge
Type of Feat: General
Prerequisites: Charge
Specifics: When you charge, if your melee attack hits, it deals an extra 1d8 points of damage for medium size creatures and 1d6 for anything smaller. Large creatures gain an extra damage of 2d6; Huge gain 3d6; Gargantuan gain 4d6 and Colossal 6d6. This feat works only when you make a charge. It does not work when you're mounted. If you have the ability to make multiple attacks on a charge, you may apply this extra damage to all of those attacks in the round provided you do so before the charge expires. This feat also increases the damage of a Shield that is used as a weapon during a charge action.
[User note: this also affects Shield Bash damage and Shield Charge Knockdown calculations. Itl lasts for your entire charge action]
Use: Automatically

Furious Charger
Furious Charger: "Your people are known for their love of battle, and they rarely waste time in meeting a foe blade-to-blade. You know how to make the most of a charge." (This background feat implies you are from savage descent such as the Uthgardt Tribesfolk or Orc race for example)
Prerequisite: Strength 12+, Wisdom 16 or less
Effects: You gain a +4 bonus on the attack roll you make at the end of a charge instead of the normal +2 bonus

Dire Charge
Type of Feat: Epic
Prerequisites: Improved Initiative
Specifics: You can make a full attack as part of a charge. You are no longer restricted to having only a single attack.
Use: Automatic when you Charge

Feats curtesy of Rasael, testing by the Quality Control Team.