This is the list of custom added feats on the server. Descriptions can be found by searching the internet or at the forum: Here

Most of the unique class feats are not listed!

Note: feats marked with an * are not selectableby players. They are being tested, there is no guarantee they will become selectable in-game. (Reserved for DM events for example or rejected)

Feat Name: Type of Feat:
Grtr. Heavy Armor Optimization


Heavy Armor Optimization General
Medium Armor Specialization General
Heavy Armor Specialization General
Weapon Mastery (Unarmed) General
Weapon Mastery (Ranged) General
Weapon Mastery (Slashing) General
Weapon Mastery (Crushing) General
Weapon Mastery (Piercing) General
Weapon Supremacy General
Protective Ward Wild
Improved Elemental Storm Elemental Archer
Oversized Two-weapon Fighting General
Grtr. Two Weapon Defense General
Ice Troll Beserker General
Whirlwind Frenzy General
Crossbow Sniper General
Crossbow Sniper, Master General
Ability Focus (Bard Songs) General
Telthor Companion Class
Augment Summoning Spellcasting
Beckon the Frozen Spellcasting
Spell Specialization (Melee Touch) Spellcasting
Spell Specialization (Ranged Touch) Spellcasting
Charge Free
Powerful Charge General
Furious Charge General
Dire Charge Epic
Shield Bash General
Shield Charge General
Shield Slam General
Practiced Invoker Spellcasting
Ability Focus (Invocations) General
Dark Transient General
Deadeye Shot General
Counterspell Free
Improved Counterspell Spellcasting
Reactive Counterspell Spellcasting
Epic Counterspell* Epic
Blood Magic Spirit Shaman 9
Brutal Throw General / Fighter
Acidic Splatter Reserve
Clap of Thunder Reserve
Fiery Burst Reserve
Invisible Needle Reserve
Sickening Grasp Reserve
Storm Bolt Reserve
Winters Blast Reserve
Umbral Shroud Reserve
Extended Rage II-IV General
Fast Healing I-III General
Torch Fighting General
Backstab* General / Fighter / Rogue
Frontline Archer* General
Shadow Weave User Spellcasting
Energy Substitution* Spellcasting
Divine Spell Power Divine
Shield Specialization General
Shield Weapon Focus General
Shield Weapon Specialization General
Agile Shield Fighter General
Intuitive Attack General
Low Blow* General
Flensing Strike* General
Arterial Strike* General
Sudden Willow Strike* General
Awesome Blow* General
Brutal Strike* General
Expose Weakness* Default Feat Replacement
Combat Focus General
Combat Strike General
Combat Vigor General
Combat Awareness General
Circle Magic Spellcasting
Circle Magic Leader Spellcasting
Reckless Assault Class / General
True Believer General
Deadly Defense* General
Rune of Flame Reserve
Rune of Ice Reserve
Rune of Storms Reserve
Rune of Thunder Reserve
Rune of Vitriol Reserve
Northlander Hewing* General
Sembian Fencing* General
Athktathlan Triparte* General
Lunge* General
Pommel Strike* General
Chiontar Seagull* General
Turmish Flourish* General
Battle Howl* General
Blinding Strike* Rogue
Trip* General
Improved Trip* General
Aid other Attack* General
Aid other Defend* General
Sprint* General
Hide in the Shadows Rogue 10
Heighten Spell* Metamagic
Ki Blast* Class
Ki Barrage* Class
Focused Ki Blast* Class
Ki Step* Class
Ki Dodge* Class
Greater Ki Dodge* Class