Maltz: Welcome traveller. What may I interest you in?

You: I overheard down at the docks that you are looking to hire some help. Is it something I could help you with?

Maltz: Yes indeed, I am in a bit of a bind. Business has been picking up a lot lately, and I can’t keep up. Would you mind travelling to Beregost to pick up some stock from the Thunder Hammer smithy for me? It has been arranged, I just need a runner.

1. Sure I can do that.

2. No thanks.

You: Sure I can do that.

Maltz: Do you have that stock yet?

You: Not yet.

Maltz: Please hurry, I need that stock.

You: I will.

Journal Entry: Journey to Beregost and pick up some stock for the Maltz shop.

Taerom “Thunderhammer” Fuiruim: Welcome traveller. What may I interest you in?

You: I was sent by Maltz to get stock for his shop in Baldurs Gate.

Taerom “Thunderhammer” Fuiruim: Yes, of course he sent word that you should be arriving soon. Here you go.

Acquired Item: Stock for Maltz

Journal Entry: Return the stock you have back to Maltz in Baldur’s Gate.

Maltz: Ah, I see you have the stock I sent you after. Take this for your trouble.

You: Thanks.

Journal Entry: You travelled to Beregost and brought back stock for Maltz’s shop.

Reward: 1000 Experience, 1000 Gold