Ragefast: *Looks up at you with intensity and in a gruff tone says* Is there something you need that requires my attention?

You: I was just stopping in to see if you had any work available.

Ragefast: *Leaning on his staff* I do have an uncommon errand, if you are willing to accept it.

You: What errand is that?

Ragefast: I require an exotic item for one of my experiments.

You: Please don’t tell me you want a dragon’s head.

Ragefast: *With a raised brow* Close, but no. My goal is to acquire the egg of a wyvern. Does this task befit you?

You: Depends. What else do I need to know?

Ragefast: Just south of the town of Beregost wyverns roam the land freely. Somewhere within those hills you’re sure to find at leasr one of their nests. I need you to retrieve one of their eggs and bring it here to me. Mind you, the journey is long and wyverns are dangerous creatures. I can give you 325 gold for your trouble. What say you?

You: That’s a lot of gold! Do you need more than one?

Ragefast: *Laughing* One wyvern egg will do, thank you.

You: I will return when I have what you need.

Ragefast: Very good then. Be watchful of wyvern tails on your journey. They are highly poisonous and sting badly.

You: Will do.

Journal Entry: I agreed to retrieve a wyvern egg from the hills south of Beregost for a wizard named Ragefast who lives in the Palace District of Baldur’s Gate. I was warned of the great danger I will face during this journey Rumor has it, wyvern’s poison can kill a man stone-dead in less than a minute.

Journal Entry: I have found the wyverns egg Ragefast requested. I should make my way back to Baldur’s Gate to return it to him.

Ragefast: Ah, you have returned. Do you have the wyvern egg as I requested?

1. Not yet. Remind me where I should be looking if you will.

2. *Present the wyvern egg* That I do. Have a look for yourself.

You: *Present the wyvern egg* That I do. Have a look for yourself.

Ragefast: *Takes the large egg and examines it from many angles* It looks to be an excellent specimen. Good work. And now for that reward.

1. *Bluff* I’ll have you know I had to fight off a band of brigands who wanted this wyvern egg. You’re lucky I got back alive.

2. *Diplomacy* I have to say the journey proved to be extremely perilous indeed. So much so that currently the dangers I’ve faced outweigh the proposed compensation. Would you care to remedy that?

You: Thanks very much.

Ragefast: *Hands you a large coin purse* Here you are, traveller. I appreciate your efforts.

You: *Take the coin purse* Thanks.

Reward: 650 Experience, 600 Gold