Wolf Hides Map

The location of the quest giver, Jorn in Baldur's Gate, Farmlands East.


Location: Baldur's Gate Farmlands East

Quest giver: Jorn

No experience is given, only 25 gold per each wolf hide. Dire wolves and anything else do not count. The wolves are located at Baldur's Gate Farmlands North. Continue the road up north, or go to Baldur's Gate East Gate District, then the Palace District and exit through the North Gate.


Jorn: Well met farwalker. Might it be that you have come to help an old man with his wolf problem in the farmlands to the North of here?

1. Wolves? I think I can help

2. Sorry, not interested.

You: Wolves? I think I can help

Jorn: Very good indeed! I don’t know what’s gotten into these mutts lately. They have never given me much problem ‘til this spring. It’s as if something is dribing them South from the plains North of here. *Looks at the ground and shakes his head* I will pay you twenty-five gold for each wolf hide you bring me. Sounds fair?

1. Agreed.

2. I don’t think getting my throat ripped out by a wolf is worth such a paltry sum. Goodbye.

You: Agreed.

Jorn: *The old man straightens his back as best as he can and gives a large smile of relief* Blessings upon you traveller.. oh and just in case, I should warn you that travelling beyond the Farmlands to the North, can be extremely dangerous on your own.

You: I’ll be careful.

Journal Entry: Farmer Jorn pays 25 golds pieces for every wolf hide that I bring him.

Jorn: I can see that you’ve been busy. I will pay twenty-five gold for each pelt you have there.

1. Agreed.

2. No thanks.

You: Agreed.

Lost item: Wolf Hide


25 gold per each wolf hide. No experience.